copy vs editorial

There is emotional factor in it

The copy is almost like a weapon

Can be persuasive

You write with a clear intention

Stick to a brief, still keeping creativity and style.

focus on the nature of the target audience so that your message are crashed with them in mind.

Sell the benefits, not the features

Don’t tell your target audience what your products have or what it does, tell them how and why it will improve their lives

Feature—>SO WHAT—>?

Like how it makes their life totally different.

Start out with a BANG

First line of copy has to grab the reader and pull him in

Keep it simple.

it has to be attractive for people to take notice.

In a commercial, the first 5secs must be the most interesting.

A good copy:

Focuses the reader’s attention

Conveys an idea

Persuades the reader to believe that an idea is relevant

leaves the reader with a positive experience of the brand, then go through to the words of mouth.

Calls for action, it makes the person want to purchase it immediately.

QR Code

Check online

Social media ding ding


Brand Name

Name is the thing by which a brand is remembered and discussed. Brands that pick a good name find that half of th marketing and branding work is done for them.

Mac Donalds, Starbucks

The identity has been established into the brains of the target audience

Six good name criteria:

Brevity (A few words)



Easy to say and spell out

Extendibility :Fairprice, Fairprice finest, Fairprice Xtra


Types of names:

Functional /Descriptive

Guardian Pharmacy

Invented names

Google, Yahoo

These are latin/grelek names or based on fun rhythmic sounds

Referential Names

Directly from place of origin

Ford, Harley Davidson

Experiential Names

Similar to description names but focused on the experience

Eg. Land Rover




Simple of catchy phrase that accompanies a logo/brand

Product’s appeal/mission of the firm, more memorable

Slogans are used to convey the message about the product or cause that it is representing.

The promise that the brand is giving you

Good when it is one short phrase. 3-5 words

memorable and durable

(Im loving it)

Positive imagery about trade or product

Element of immediacy (cognitive impact)

Idiomatic or vernacular (original lang)

Lesser words

concrete and specific to audience

Feels likeable

Sounds right and can be applied to any of the design collaterals

Contains a key benefit. Don’t always need to express the benefit, but need to hint or imply one.

Types of slogan:

Rhyming slogan

Question Slogan

Putting periods in the middle of (Not worth doing)

are you allowed to glue two separate pieces of cement?

Can you mix more than 1 materials?

Does it have to have any meaning?