We just had a creative and craft workshop to do marbling, conducted by Ms Jessica. We were given a demonstration on how to marble items!
(photo of Ms Jessica teaching)
First we had to prepare a metal tray of water, a satay stick and a protective layer over the table. To use the marbling paint, we had to be quick! Drip and splat the paint across the water quickly and use a satay stick to create your own swirl patterns before it dries. Then place your object or paper over the surface, then remove the excess paint with the satay stick. You have your marbled object! You need to spray a layer of matt spray to ensure the paint stays on the object. If you wish to take your time with the patterns, a water bath was needed.. though I am not too sure what is it.
We then tried it out with EVERYTHING.
From phone covers to papers to our cement , to our hands, my prototype, face mask. The colours and patterns produced was really interesting! We had a lot of fun trying out different colour combinations. My favourite is the pink and turquoise combi.  The colours do not mix to form new colours, they only mix to form new patterns.

We were also offered other alternatives, such as using shaving foam and food colouring.. and also graffiti paint sprayed upwards. We need alternatives because marbling paint is so expensive ): They are about 3 dollars for a small bottle and it is only most effective for half a day. I have one set! It cost 19 dollars for only 5 colours. Despite the price, the quality was still far from the ones we used in school.

This C&C W was one of the most enjoyable lessons we have had! It was truly therapeutic to watch a plain object become so pretty.

Here are some of what I did.
Somehow I feel that my works are always not as nice as the ones done by my friends. Perhaps because I am always eager to place my object in before it dries up that I dont take time to consider the patterns formed.