Today is cement experiment day..! Again..
We received the brief for our cement workshop, to create a hybrid. Hence I have been trying to mix materials with cement.
Here are a list of things tat I have tried:
Cement and wax. Previously I made a short cylinder using white cement. It was coloured very light blue using food dye. It turned out to become very fine and powdery. Hence I used it for another experiment! Wax and cement.
I first lighted a tea candle, and placed a metal spoon over the flame. I broke a tea candle into half and placed the candle pieces on the metal spoon to melt them. Then I put in a bit of coloured crayons for colour. It was very fun to drip the wax on the cement and create patterns. However over time when the wax dried it was pretty unsightly, the surface was uneven. Just when I was about to discard it, I decided to use an open flame to melt everything together. WALAAAAH! The colours mixed and from an even shiny surface. This technique can be employed with more colours and sensible patterns if I wanted it to look even better.

Secondly I took some psylaa beads(they are sold in Ikea) and mixed it with cement. I wanted the cement to be completely saturated with cement so that it even overflows to the surface! However it didnt happen because the beads then to sink to the bottom of the mould. Hence I mixed in even more beads and even scattered them on top. When it dried, a lot of the beads dropped off, but there was still a considerable amount inside. Most importantly I wanted to break it into half to see what is inside.. It turned out really pretty! My concern now is to consider how to shape it to the way I want it to turn out.

I also tried to use psylaa beads by arranging it nicely at the surface of the cement. but when it dried, the beads started to fall off and the cement cracked quite badly (possibly because of the hard mould) My initial plan was to iron the beads down i they stuck nicely on the cement.

When exploring wood and cement, I thought of matchsticks. I thought it would look good to combine matchsticks and cement together. I have to ensure that the consistency of the cement is not too watery, otherwise the matchstick will not be able to stand well.  Other forms of wood are twigs, tooth picks, chopsticks. But the matchstick is most interesting! When dried, you can strike all the matches at once hehehe! >:D Also the dried cement showed white streaks. I believe it was because I didnt mix the grey and white cement properly.

I also tried to add colours using acrylic and poster paints.
I added gold and silver acrylic colours to white cement and mixed it. But the colours didnt look very nice..
I added dried flakes of poster paint and paint to the cement. I liked it because it reminded me of confetti! Unfortunately the cement didnt set very well. This also happened to one of my classmate. She mixed her cement generously with poster paint but it ended up as only a mush.