I collected twigs as props for my photography assignment. As I laid the twigs I had the idea to combine a long piece of wood that I found with a strainer just for fun. However Because the twig had a bark that was flaking, I scrapped the bark off with a penknife. I also made a slant flat surface so that the strainer can stick to the wood .
Tito comment was “this is cute!”

(I was looking at the theme of man made vs nature.)
However I should think about how I can make my strainer look like an actual seamless product. First I should observe the shapes and structure of the branches at I see, let nature do it’s job. Our job is to find what nature has done and put two and two together.

Hence I went back and refined on my idea.
First I needed to work on a larger strainer because I foresee my branch to be a bit bigger. I managed to find a strainer at a mama shop at Fajar, it cost only 2 dollars and was a good size. HOWEVER.. the handle that it was attached to was very very sturdy.It took my helper and I, a chisel, pliers and a hammer to remove the metal handle. When we finally removed the handle we hugged in joy!!

I then attached a very beautiful branch that Tito found in the studio. I used my trusty (now new) E6000 to attach my branch to the strainer.
However I felt that it was still too odd and empty. The transition between nature and man made was too abrupt. I decided to turn the strainer into a bird nest! I attached the other twigs that I collected onto the strainer and tried my best to cover all the metal frame, leaving the actual strainer.

YAY it was approved! Ding Ding!

(Mmm.. But I realized that most people actually enjoyed the idea of the material reversal more than the bird nest idea. I just because it is a far more ridiculous and useless than a bird nest strainer which feels just surrealistic. Hence I am still not sure if I am making the right move. My lecturers had nice things to say about my friend’s ideas but I feel that mine was nothing too special while not too shabby.  I do wish to try out new ideas but I dont think I have the time to start completely from a new idea. My plan now is to ensure that the production of the strainer is flawless and beautiful)