Strainer part 2

I just had a consultation with the lecturers today about my sketches.

Just as I expected, the sketches weren’t the most satisfactory. Andri mentioned that my some of my ideas are not meeting the brief. Hence they suggested some ideas to me instead! Such as..

Inverting the materials of the strainer. Some strainers have wooden handles: like this one!
Inverting the materials means that the handle should become the strainer with the net and the strainer should just be a wooden bowl, or simply be left empty to become the handle!
I think I would be willing to try that out because it’s quite interesting!

I also mentioned that strainers are meant for straining noodles. Tito then evolved the idea to making the strainer out of noodles. it is absolutely absurd indeed! However I believe that the execution would be tidious.

An idea I proposed to try was to create a strainer with very large holes. I would require some wires to create this.

Strainer part 3
I bought the strainers and created something with it. I had to go all the way to Daiso at Dhoby Gaut because the Daiso at JCube had a limited variety of strainers.
I first tried my best to remove the net of the large strainer. I cut it with a pair of scissors, a penknife and it didn’t work. A wire cutter didn’t do much as well. Finally I tried to use a mini saw to remove the mesh and..IT WAS VERY PAINFUL. TThe wire mesh was protruding and poking me from the way I was tearing the mesh away from the strainer and from the uneven mesh ): I observed the way the wire mesh was attached to the strainer body. However because the metal frame was very strong, it was difficult to pry it open throughout. (Update: Another student doing the strainer managed to do it nicely!)

Since I now had a wire mesh at hand, I tried to shape it to form something interesting. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out too well. While it was malleable, it still required some effort and practice to mould the mesh into desired shape.

Following the idea of a useless strainer, I tried to create a strainer weaved with a wire mesh that is cut.. I don’t know how to explain it!! Let me draw instead..
It didn’t turn out too well because I couldn’t attach the wire mesh nicely onto the metal frame. Also the wire mesh was messy at the ends because I cut it with a pair of meat scissors. A wire cutter weren’t able to cut it because the weaved wires were close together. HAH! So thats when I scrapped that idea.

I then removed the second wire mesh from a smaller strainer. This time it was easier! My mum taught me to push the strainer out. I was about to make the inversion come trueeeee.. hehe.
I placed the mesh over the handle. The handle was not a complete metal rod, but a rod folded to this shape : (DRAW)
Hence I was able to create the strainer by placing the mesh over the handle and folding down the sides. Of course it was painful, my fingertips were very raw and I didn’t have proper gloves. I think I should invest in one starting from now. I even tried to put socks on my hand to prevent all the poking and pricking! I ended up taping my fingertips so that I can fold the mesh in.

Only then did I realise my trusty old E6000 has dried up over the holidays. Hence I used some clothes pegs to secure the wire mesh to the handle. It was helpful because the circular part of the peg would force the mesh to conform to the shape of handle. (:

The next day I got some glue and this is how it turned out!