Remember we were doing some research over surrealist objects? 

I was told earlier this week that my object to work on would be..drumroollll pls!! A STRAINER

Before I was given my object, I told myself that no matter which object I was given, I would take it as a challenge. 

It is.. Absolutely a challenge. I think my ideas are not quite on the right track yet. Mainly because I cannot see the beyond, uses of a strainer other than its use in the kitchen. I think I need to first explore the uses of a strainer. 
Followed by ways I can simply transform, duplicate, scale, juxtapose.. Such that my item would be dysfunctional in a silly way. 

My plan now is to do case studies of impossible objects that I find meet the criteria. Hopefully I would be able to develop some ideas from my study. I am itching to search for peculiar strainers but I know how easily influenced I would be by existing works. 

Today Tito suggested that i reversed  the strainer. The handle will be the strainer and the net would be wood. 

Other idea I could work on is to make the net of the strainer extremely huge so that nothing can be filtered. 

I also thought of the one strand of noodle strainer. The strainer would be elongated and extremely thin.

Another surreal idea is to make the strainer out of noodles. I know I could do that! I saw a youtube chef making homemade noodles and rolling it up before leaving it out in the sun to dry. i could rest the noodles on an inverted bowl to create the strainer.