Anddd.. we are assigned a new assignment. I am a little afraid that I am incapable of producing a quality product or meeting the wants of the lecturers. Nevertheless I will still do my best with my little time and energy. I feel like all my energy is drained really easily now. I can only do so much in a day.
Our first in-class exercise for the new project Absurdity was to think of ways to transform a comb into a surrealist/dadaist object. Just before this we were tasked to do a research on our CPJ about Surrealism and Dadaism.

Side Note:
It was certainly helpful to research because these design concepts has become a lot more familiar than other design concepts that I have not researched on. Hence it is important to do more research and understand the concepts better for us designers to use names of these concepts readily.

Back to the comb!!!
Before the exercise started, our lecturers narrowed 3 ways to transform an object into one of a Dada/Surrealist based on 3 very famous objects.
1. Assemblage by Pablo Picasso
Individual parts are assembled to form something recognizable. Each indiv part can also be easily identified.
Assemblage is now regarded as a process. There was attention given to the on shape and composition of the individual objects. These objects are arranged and assembled as the artist wants to create a new artwork. It is DADA because it uses ready-made objects and are sometimes regarded as anti-art.

2. Fountain by Marcel Duchamp
The idea that when an artist gives a name to something according to what the artist wants it to be opposed to what it actually is. This changes the audience beliefs about the object.
I did a little research in my CPJ when I came across this last week.
Marcel Duchamp found a urinal off the streets and submitted it as an art work. He even named it Fountain!

3. The Gift by Man Ray
A functional object modified in a silly manner to become dysfunctional.
It is a completely functional iron used for clothes. Yet the iron nails on it will tear the clothes when you use it. It is really absurd!

We also watched an 8 min video showing the DADA and Surrealist objects displayed in a museum:
DADA & Surrealist Object
Blain Di Donna New York City

During the research I stumbled upon 2 and 3 but not 1!
We had to sketch 10 of our ideas, 2 in each A4. I felt that while ideas werent hard to come by, GOOD ideas were tough to come by. I tried out the different techniques.



For CPJ: Slice them into individual imgs, then talk abt them at the side. (:

Ones that I picked out from my friends that I like: