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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Its about 3 weeks into my holidays.

SMRT owe me money!!! $10 hahah mental note.

I am in the midst of enjoying my precious and treasured holidays. I will be embarking on a trip to Cameron Highlands this week with Little Elephant and his family. I am also working on a wedding invitation card and I think its going great so far.. ((:

My aims for this holiday are..

  1. Final Theory Practice and Evaluation
  2. Attend my driving lessons
  3. Use watercolours well
  4. Draw with pens well
  5. Take beautiful shots for scenery and graphical purposes
  6. Cook soups
  7. Plan for my sister’s tea booth

Need to..

1. Take back my $10 from SMRT
2. Transfer money into my driving account
3. Fill up the form for my relief teaching
4. Charge my camera
5. Pack my bag
6. Download movies


The trip to Cameron Highlands..

Wed Night- Bus

Thursday Morning- Free and Easy/Tour


Saturday Morning-Night- Reach SG

So thats.. 3 days and 3nights(2 overnight)

Its 19deg and rainy at Cameron Highlands. I will be packing my brolly.. should I bring a raincoat?
Hehe let me type out my packing list here!

1. The bommer jacket and maybe Aladin?
2. My good old trusty worn out golden sandals
3. Puma Shoe for hiking
4. Socks

Exercise Friendly:
Adidas Pants
Sports Bra

Go there in:
Jeans 3 Quarter
Blue Pants 3 Quater

Red Long Sleeved Top
Floral Top
One more top hehe.


2 normal bra
3 undies
6. Toiletries
Toothpaste, Toothbrush
Sanitary Pad/ Panty Liner x3
Face Wash
Lip Balm

7. Entertainment
Laptop and charger
Hard Disk

8. Other Essentials
Camera Charger
Extra SD Card
Phone Charger
Portable Charger
2 Pin plug?
Wallet-cheaper wallet
plastic bags for dirty clothes
watercolours + Paper+ Pen+…

9. Medication



Go to sch immediately.
Finish last in class assignment on train

Fold box, take photos

Print all DST materials

Come home, take panda shot. Edit photog.

Take A2 posters home.

Go for tuition

Come home do pagination test print. Including cover page.

Settle all the printing content

Settle every single printing by friday evening.

Friday night do CPJ.

Saturday do book binding and print photos as well as CPJ.

By sunday do photo book and A2 composition and A3 composition and CPJ and cut and paste.

Plan two

At home complete all DST things, panda shot, zine all that.

Go for tuition

Immediately go to school

Print everything

From school take the A2 posters then ask daddy to send me home.