24 Oct 2016

We printed our posters at EazyPrint and Sunshine

EazyPrint is usually closed on Sundays. However they were willing to open it for us as long as there were more than 10 students. However because NAFA’s submission was today (24/10) they ended up having a load of customers. 😀 While the printing auntie was handling our prints she asked who called her yesterday. Apparently ZhiLIang called her the night before to open the shop! Then she shouted : Wo zai da ma jiang da yi ban lei! (I was in a game of mahjong!) I am happy we forged good relationship with the auntie ((:

We opted for lamination because it is ink-jet printing. Hence if water comes into contact with it, it would be goneeeee… With lamination we paid $7.

Random note: you can print at True Colours for $10

Anyways.. the comments about the A2 Poster:
Generally well done, but require certain improvements depending on the work on the following aspects:

C-Composition (Layout)



I-Img Quality

When I first saw C next to my poster I was confused, could it be my grade? I looked over to my friends and saw other letters and ruled out that possibility. Then as I walked to other classes I figured C meant “See me.” and I freaked out!!! Only after I checked the whiteboard I realised C meant composition. My emotions and stress level was a roller coaster in that 5 minutes. HAHA.

The lecturers tip:
-Buy paper from RJ, at least 2 so that I can do test prints, as different printer may vary in the overall brightness/consrast of the print.
-Paper should be uncoated
-Go to a printing shop at Peace Centre called Leadership.
-and no lamination!! Because lamination tends to cause the prints to have a sight yellowish tint to it. (In that case I have to be really careful ): )
-DONT EVER ROLL THE POSTER (Draw Jessica hahaha)

I talked to Tito about my poster and he thinks that my digits are experimental enough. The digit 9 is all glass and the 3 is more of a rigid structure. The digit 2 and and the other 3 was very organic in it’s form. They were good enough! Hence I shouldn’t worry about it and instead focus on my layout. Maybe I could arrange the letters in a vertically straight line (not diagonal) and keep the digits in the same size. Perhaps a dynamic composition might not work here.

The buildings were chosen based on their history and whether or not the building had interesting shapes and form that can be studied.

I learnt from Lufthi that there is this paper Munchkin Rough
It is very good with absorbing ink when printing photographs on it. A total of 500 A1 pieces cost about $36 when bought in bullks. It is sold at RJ Paper but they don’t sell the rough ones in pieces.


What does eye for detail mean to me?
I want to ask my lecturers what the eye for detail is.
But to me now it means the ability to observe and notice things around me. Form and function. Compositions. ?

(Budding thoughts in progress)