We are close to 2 years now. It was an emotional roller coaster with him for the past 3 months because I was starting school and getting really busy. Submissions were weekly and there was always so much to do and never enough time to complete. I was fickle minded and swayed for a moment before I woke up and got back on track with our relationship again. Both Little Elephant and I have changed and learnt to adapt with our new lifestyle. He has also grown to become someone I am proud of. I always hear that its doesnt matter where you go as long as you have the heart and the mind. He was initially disappointed with his new posting but he has learnt to become accepting and was willing to learn and gain as much from where he was posted to. After a short while he became comfortable with his environment and hes enjoying his time now!
As for me.. I feel lucky! Because I got to where I wanted to. (: I feel like I need to learn to be like Little Elephant, I should not repeat my old mistake. I remember dreading that I was posted to CJC and ended up performing badly because I blamed everyone but myself. By the time I realized and tried to change it was a little too late. I was too unappreciative of what I was given.

Little Elephant and I are going great right now and I hope I wont be the one to destroy what we have now. Keep my mind open, treat his heart like my own. Be less quick to snap and read the situation. I want to marry him (: