Today we printed our digits on 2 A3. I realized that I didnt consider the extra border created when printing an A3. i should have done it on super A3 then cut accordingly. Thankfully it was a draft print. But I will remember to consider if I am joining pieces of A3 together!

When consulting Tito about my work he was neutral and commented that i had variety in the use of elements and was quite okay with my work. However I still felt lost because I didnt hear anything too critical about it. However I knew there was more to improve on because my work wasnt picked as a good example.

Was a bit too predictable and cut forcefully. Making is good

Was picked put my lecturers for being too forceful and cut to a particular shape. Not experimental enough and predictable.

I like the letter 8 ((:

I like the colour, style and the letter 6. I took this photo for future reference

From claas A. Her digit 9 had perspective to it and was 3D. Her digit 2 was done by removing certain things

I wonder if the digit 4 was arranged in this manner or originally like this. The digit 0 is interesting as well