Today I found out that I need to have a little CPJ for DST as well. OMGGG…
I will be talking about my assignment 2 today. Assignment 2’s Brief is to transform myself into an insect. When I was looking through old photos, I saw the photos that I have taken from the light show in Gardens By The Bay and was then inspired by it. The  concept I came up with was that I thought the lights were beautiful, hence I wanted to be part of the light by being a fire-butterfly. I had to add the butterfly wings because I felt that I couldnt manipulate much with firefly wings. When I consulted Darrick he said that it wasnt very good because the photos that I have taken didnt match the perspective of my figure.
I tried to improve by using a forest background I found online. It was a pretty bright photo and was able to manipulate a night scene. When thinking of a theme, I found myself heavily drawn to the idea of an enchanted forest, fairies and glows. You can tell from my final product that these 3 ideas are very prevalent!

Finally I was about 80% done with my work and once again consulted Darrick. He commented that my background looked more like a backdrop, there is little depth to it. I can add depth by blurring my background and keeping my foreground sharper.

One big flaw from my final product is that the image I used for my insect body was quite poorly taken. The arms are a little blur.  I did not change it due to time constraints.