Our task: Do the same thing as last week, just that with 3D graphics now!
I had a hard time trying not to force my building to look like a letter. I did 4 letters but was satisfied with none. There was one where the lecturer pointed out was graphical, but had a spoiler in the overall letter.
Actually I am glad whenever my work is commented on, whether good or bad (Preferably good) because I get to learn!
I didnt quite understand what the lecturers wanted from us and didnt know how to not force our graphics into the shape… until I approached Ms Jessica and she enlightened me! She compared a piece that I liked to the pieces that met the brief and highlighted that the difference between them were the perspective. The letter had to look..”RIGHT”. Am I looking at the letter from above? Below? Am I purposefully cutting shapes to make it look like a letter? Does my overall letter show my building?
These are considerations I think are important to achieving what the lecturers want.