6 Oct 2016: Creating letterforms

General comments by lecturer:
Use the natural shape of the building structures, even when rotating, only rotate 90deg and try not to slant the shapes.
Don’t force the elements into the letterforms.
Contrast can offer interesting colours.

What I did: Type an “A” in illustrator and lock the layer, before shifting the shapes to fit the letter A.

The end result was not agreeable to the brief as it wasn’t obvious to people the building I was working on.

A good example would be:

and this is in comparison to:

Comments about the 50 Graphics:
There were too many redundant elements such as the coloured projections. They were not key to the building.
There should be a hierarchy in which the elements are extracted.
(Masses—>Structural Details—>Minor Details)
There was not enough elements present that could allow people to identify The Cathay.
I can work on it by cutting out the actual shape of the masses.
(It is okay if it is not entirely 2D)

Within my 50Graphics I included a lot of the curved structures because to me, it was the most graphical and a distinct element of The Cathay.

My challenge is that I was unable to see 2D graphic forms within an object that is very 3D in nature. Also it was pretty tough to take a frontal shot of The Cathay.