I received my results from my very first submission.. and it was truly disappointing. I didnt do as bad as others from my level but I didnt do as well as the other two girls whom I hang out with and it made me feel inferior and small again. Especially because one of the girls had little design background. However I have learnt to accept that one wins and loses a little. For example.. she has lesser external commitments and more time for concentration.. I have less time for concentration but more external commitments which are beneficial to me in the long run! I have tuition classes to teach, a boyfriend to keep, siblings and two wonderful families to spend my time with. I must admit though, time is running shorter and shorter which scares me so much. I am starting to think there are less than 24 hours in a day.
Also I learnt that sleeping early doesnt always help as a design student. I am always torn between sleep timings.. “Sleep early, think better” vs “Sleep late, get work done”. I think from what I see my 2 other friends do.. it is the latter. They are hardworking and I strive to be as hardworking as they are. However there are times where I feel like I dont even have time for myself anymore. Even typing this blogpost makes me guilty that I am not doing my work instead.
The workload is crazy and endless in design school. Not only do assignments come one after another, they overlap and snowball. I cannot afford to pity and wallow over my grades. I can only keep improving.

While I was doing my CPJ just before this, I thought of an idea!! If I could update this blog more often with my school work, I might be able to become more efficient in doing my CPJ. I could type my work processes and thoughts here and translate them to their organic form in my CPJ. I would be able to save more time and also do my CPJ on the go instead of redoing my pages over and over again.

HEHE. Will start in 3..2..1!!