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24 Oct 2016

We printed our posters at EazyPrint and Sunshine

EazyPrint is usually closed on Sundays. However they were willing to open it for us as long as there were more than 10 students. However because NAFA’s submission was today (24/10) they ended up having a load of customers. 😀 While the printing auntie was handling our prints she asked who called her yesterday. Apparently ZhiLIang called her the night before to open the shop! Then she shouted : Wo zai da ma jiang da yi ban lei! (I was in a game of mahjong!) I am happy we forged good relationship with the auntie ((:

We opted for lamination because it is ink-jet printing. Hence if water comes into contact with it, it would be goneeeee… With lamination we paid $7.

Random note: you can print at True Colours for $10

Anyways.. the comments about the A2 Poster:
Generally well done, but require certain improvements depending on the work on the following aspects:

C-Composition (Layout)



I-Img Quality

When I first saw C next to my poster I was confused, could it be my grade? I looked over to my friends and saw other letters and ruled out that possibility. Then as I walked to other classes I figured C meant “See me.” and I freaked out!!! Only after I checked the whiteboard I realised C meant composition. My emotions and stress level was a roller coaster in that 5 minutes. HAHA.

The lecturers tip:
-Buy paper from RJ, at least 2 so that I can do test prints, as different printer may vary in the overall brightness/consrast of the print.
-Paper should be uncoated
-Go to a printing shop at Peace Centre called Leadership.
-and no lamination!! Because lamination tends to cause the prints to have a sight yellowish tint to it. (In that case I have to be really careful ): )
-DONT EVER ROLL THE POSTER (Draw Jessica hahaha)

I talked to Tito about my poster and he thinks that my digits are experimental enough. The digit 9 is all glass and the 3 is more of a rigid structure. The digit 2 and and the other 3 was very organic in it’s form. They were good enough! Hence I shouldn’t worry about it and instead focus on my layout. Maybe I could arrange the letters in a vertically straight line (not diagonal) and keep the digits in the same size. Perhaps a dynamic composition might not work here.

The buildings were chosen based on their history and whether or not the building had interesting shapes and form that can be studied.

I learnt from Lufthi that there is this paper Munchkin Rough
It is very good with absorbing ink when printing photographs on it. A total of 500 A1 pieces cost about $36 when bought in bullks. It is sold at RJ Paper but they don’t sell the rough ones in pieces.


What does eye for detail mean to me?
I want to ask my lecturers what the eye for detail is.
But to me now it means the ability to observe and notice things around me. Form and function. Compositions. ?

(Budding thoughts in progress)


We are close to 2 years now. It was an emotional roller coaster with him for the past 3 months because I was starting school and getting really busy. Submissions were weekly and there was always so much to do and never enough time to complete. I was fickle minded and swayed for a moment before I woke up and got back on track with our relationship again. Both Little Elephant and I have changed and learnt to adapt with our new lifestyle. He has also grown to become someone I am proud of. I always hear that its doesnt matter where you go as long as you have the heart and the mind. He was initially disappointed with his new posting but he has learnt to become accepting and was willing to learn and gain as much from where he was posted to. After a short while he became comfortable with his environment and hes enjoying his time now!
As for me.. I feel lucky! Because I got to where I wanted to. (: I feel like I need to learn to be like Little Elephant, I should not repeat my old mistake. I remember dreading that I was posted to CJC and ended up performing badly because I blamed everyone but myself. By the time I realized and tried to change it was a little too late. I was too unappreciative of what I was given.

Little Elephant and I are going great right now and I hope I wont be the one to destroy what we have now. Keep my mind open, treat his heart like my own. Be less quick to snap and read the situation. I want to marry him (:

Today we printed our digits on 2 A3. I realized that I didnt consider the extra border created when printing an A3. i should have done it on super A3 then cut accordingly. Thankfully it was a draft print. But I will remember to consider if I am joining pieces of A3 together!

When consulting Tito about my work he was neutral and commented that i had variety in the use of elements and was quite okay with my work. However I still felt lost because I didnt hear anything too critical about it. However I knew there was more to improve on because my work wasnt picked as a good example.

Was a bit too predictable and cut forcefully. Making is good

Was picked put my lecturers for being too forceful and cut to a particular shape. Not experimental enough and predictable.

I like the letter 8 ((:

I like the colour, style and the letter 6. I took this photo for future reference

From claas A. Her digit 9 had perspective to it and was 3D. Her digit 2 was done by removing certain things

I wonder if the digit 4 was arranged in this manner or originally like this. The digit 0 is interesting as well

Today I found out that I need to have a little CPJ for DST as well. OMGGG…
I will be talking about my assignment 2 today. Assignment 2’s Brief is to transform myself into an insect. When I was looking through old photos, I saw the photos that I have taken from the light show in Gardens By The Bay and was then inspired by it. The  concept I came up with was that I thought the lights were beautiful, hence I wanted to be part of the light by being a fire-butterfly. I had to add the butterfly wings because I felt that I couldnt manipulate much with firefly wings. When I consulted Darrick he said that it wasnt very good because the photos that I have taken didnt match the perspective of my figure.
I tried to improve by using a forest background I found online. It was a pretty bright photo and was able to manipulate a night scene. When thinking of a theme, I found myself heavily drawn to the idea of an enchanted forest, fairies and glows. You can tell from my final product that these 3 ideas are very prevalent!

Finally I was about 80% done with my work and once again consulted Darrick. He commented that my background looked more like a backdrop, there is little depth to it. I can add depth by blurring my background and keeping my foreground sharper.

One big flaw from my final product is that the image I used for my insect body was quite poorly taken. The arms are a little blur.  I did not change it due to time constraints.


I dedicated 6 pages to my Paper works (A5 Page) and printed some images to go along with my documentation as well.

I intend to do my Paper works by day.

Day 1: Coming up with the shape of the leaf.
Initial technique was to fold an A4 into basic pleats, then pull out the edges a little to create the curvature of the spine. We tried to form a big leaf using multiple sheets of basic pleats but Chin Keong wanted it to be a seamless piece. Hence he suggested cutting the edges of the sheet of basic pleat to a leaf shape.
That was the basis to our shape.

Also when trying to think of ways to turn water droplets into its graphical form, I have decided to type “Water Splash” into Google. From there I thought of turning it into a graphical form because I knew to turn a water droplet into a graphical and paper form would be tough. I happen to chance upon [Black img with cut angles] and noticed the resemblance to the water splash. Hence I observed the angles and decided to put it into our leaf.

Day 2: We practiced making the leaf with different paper sizes. An A4 paper created a leaf that was comfortable in size, A5 was a little too miniature and A3 was large enough to give a sense of fullness. We consulted Tito and he mentioned that he was happy with the overall leaf shape and the angles of the droplets may be too harsh. Also we should be experimenting with different paper grammages and colours/textures.
Hence we made our way to Fancy Paper and picked a few pieces of paper with varying grammages.

Also since the leaf structure is great, I unfolded the leaf and redrew the angles at which the lines were bent so that I can recreate the template.

Day 3: Chin Keong managed to come up with a digital template overnight. He altered the angles to allow the bend of the spine. I also tried to experiment with larger angles but did not work as well as his.

We printed our templates on the paper bought and begun scoring on the papers. We noticed that 150gsm was really easy to fold and was neat but did not open up like a leaf. 186gsm-200gsm was quite comfortable to work with and finally 250 gsm paper took a lot of effort to fold. It was tougher to score.

Day 4: Time is running out!!! We are trying different paper colours now. Other than white and cream white we introduced red and black to our paper structure to see how it would fit. We were also thinking of how the leaf should be attached to each other. I am glad we are doing dozens of prototypes in varying sizes and textures because we were able to feel and physically arrange all the leaves. Whenever we were satisfied with one we would capture a photo of it.
[Insert our different arrangements]

Day 5: Every single day our routine has become like this:
Reach School at 9:30-10am
Go to Fancy Paper to get paper
Work on the prototype, composition etc.
Go to Fancy Paper again to buy more paper
Go to printing shop to print the template on the paper
Continue working on the prototype…
This literally repeated for 5 days.

We are working on our visual boards now, a little too late hehe.. Coming up with content first before doing up a layout.
Day 6: We need a base!! The base was really tough to cut but Chin Keong managed to do it! My classmates and I noticed that he had the innate flare for precision work. He could score, fold and cut paper accurately and neatly. Even our circular base had a template for it. We have somewhat decided to abort the use of other colours and was advised by our classmates to use brilliant white for our paper because it is what suits Kenya Hara best. However my teammates and I were concerned about how plain and empty the paper structure looked. Hence we thought long and hard about what we could add. When looking through our moodboards, I noticed that CK has done embossing as a texture. If we embossed on the leaf it would destroy the image of purity of the leaf. Hence we embossed on the base instead. The shape we chose was as such because it was interesting how a leaf and a water droplet was vastly dissimilar yet both bear such similar shapes and curvature.

Day 7: Extremely dissatisfied with the visual board and we need to submit it soon!! I realized that there were creases in the leaf spine.. which was unacceptable because Kenya Hara’s works were so polished and perfect! Today we remake a new leaf and attach the leaf to the base and trim the edges of the leaf…carefully.


There were a few picked that was experimental in nature which was good. shouldn’t be afraid to try out now. However there are others that needs to be more natural in terms of their shapes. the cuts should follow the natural form of the building. Also now that I have got depth, I should also try to take a look at perspective. How to see if something is 3d? Look at it and see if your eyes are drowned into the digit.

My experience when doing the assignment..

I almost went bonkers. BONKERSSSSS. It look me a really long time and I ended up forcefully churning the numbers out. I had to go back and retake because I needed more shots and the good thing about the main portion of the building being sealed is that you are forced to look deeper at what you can work with.

I enjoyed doing the digit 9 because it felt easier than the digit 2.

Our task: Do the same thing as last week, just that with 3D graphics now!
I had a hard time trying not to force my building to look like a letter. I did 4 letters but was satisfied with none. There was one where the lecturer pointed out was graphical, but had a spoiler in the overall letter.
Actually I am glad whenever my work is commented on, whether good or bad (Preferably good) because I get to learn!
I didnt quite understand what the lecturers wanted from us and didnt know how to not force our graphics into the shape… until I approached Ms Jessica and she enlightened me! She compared a piece that I liked to the pieces that met the brief and highlighted that the difference between them were the perspective. The letter had to look..”RIGHT”. Am I looking at the letter from above? Below? Am I purposefully cutting shapes to make it look like a letter? Does my overall letter show my building?
These are considerations I think are important to achieving what the lecturers want.