It has been a month since sch started. I feel like this entire month has been truly eventful. Since the first assignment up till now I have been placing a lot of stress on myself to do well. Because I feel like I have to give my best to produce quality work for each submission. Especially since we have informal critiques so often, it is important to give your best so that you learn more. You know if what you did was right or wrong. I feel that critiques let me know if I am going in the right direction or not.
The stress of providing quality work I cannot manage. I realized how I become a completely changed person under stress. I become rude to Little Elephant and expect so much more than he should give. I want to manage my stress better.

Recently my mum got me a new Buddha pendant. It was expensive and hard to get and also said to be really effective in protection, in allowing me to meet good people etc. While I really believe in Buddhism I cannot bring myself to put restrictions on me over it. With the pendant I cannot bring it to the toilet.. I cannot touch it when I am menstruating etc. Its not like I am not grateful, its more like we are living in an age where women seek equality, but we cannot deny that the word “women” has its root word “men” in it.