Its the end of my second week of sch (: I am still getting to know my new classmates but it is surprisingly easy to remember the names of my friends. I have been sticking with 3 other girls from my class and I think we bond really well together. I appreciate all the fun and care we share among us and I truly hope it last. I will make a conscious effort to do things for them and not take our friendship for granted. Sometimes the thought of being with friends scares me because I am afraid of losing them. But the thought of not having any friends is definitely worse. I experienced it a lot in JC and it has made my life miserable.

School is fine. I kinda dozed off a little during photography class just now.. food coma plus very dry lesson.. It was the first time in my 2 weeks that I did. It was a bit dissappointing because I would have been happy with a clean record. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep now. I cant believe I only slept 4 hours in JC. While I changed the last minute, i already wasted my J1. Haa why do I keep making comparisons like this.

I am thinking of taking up a job but I am afraid I would be a little too tired. I will go check things out and see what will work for me anyway. Because I want to buy myself a dslr.. and a laptop for my dad. :/ hehe..

I have been hooked onto a drama Line Walker. Its soo good, but with a load of plot twist I am truly confused whos on the good side hehe.