In a blink of an eye my school is starting in less than a month. I think working in a pre-school really helped me pass time meaningfully and happily. Not once did I truly feel like I wasted a day at work. Being a pre-school teacher taught me a lot. I learnt how important parent-child communication was, how my actions could influence a child, how to speak to a child, what makes children interested and happy, I learnt new songs and I learnt about myself. I learnt how my impatience could cause stressed and saw that I have lesser patience that I thought I had. I learnt that I cannot tolerate mess and I like things to be orderly. I am going to pack my room haha.

I am going to have my last 2 weeks of break from work and school soon. During that time I want to read and learn. I want to read more about my industry, I want to read about dogs. I want to learn more about cultures, learn cantonese and maybe italian hehe. I secretely want to know Japanese too.
I will go to museums and I will draw and sketch and take lots of photos.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that I could study biology but I am not sure how I can put my knowledge into good use. I am incredibly inspired by Da Vinci because he was truly a Mr Know-It-All. I wonder if in this time and age, am I able to be like him? I want to be an advocate of lifelong learning but is it practical to learn biology and design together? Will my desire to learn biology stop when I start school? I guess only time would tell.



My little elephant POC Loh! 


26-06-16 BingBong First Grooming ^^


It was a talent show we watched!!


20160629_170842_27444894874_o copy

Our Bear House! I am pretty proud of it actually, despite how shabby it looks.