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Monthly Archives: July 2016

I am feeling supa hungry as I am typing this hehe.
It is officially 1 day before school starts.. I am feeling really excited! The feelings of self-doubt about my choice of degree has subsided for now. However I do believe that when I doubt myself again as things get tough, the grass is always greener on the other side. The reason why I am feeling more sure is definitely because of the environment I am in so far. The people in Lasalle are truly fun and enthusiastic people and mixing around has been interesting. I met a new friend.. lets call her Jojo who was my company for the Lasalle Challenge Shield 2016. It was UBER fun! I took special note to be an active participant (not to the point where I went craazyy!) but participated to a point where I thoroughly enjoyed myself. (:

Here are a list of people I met so far (taking note so that I rmb hehe)
Gale doing Dip Classical Piano
Joann doing Ba(Hon) DC
Kimberly and Kimberley,Justin doing Ba(Hon) DC
Yogashree doing Ba(Hon) Performance.. I think?
Yixuan doing Dip Broadcast Media
Meher doing Ba(Hon) Fashion
Jennifer doing Ba(Hon) Animation
Megan doing Ba(Hon) Fine Arts
Yi Hui doing Ba(Hon) Art Management
Ricka doing.. I forgot hehe…

I am still kinda intimidated, but I hope my excitement will cancel it all out and all goes well!


The sky on the day of the Challenge Shield. The photo does not do justice to the cotton candy clouds that we witnessed that day


BB girl getting sweeter and cuter each day.  Her toilet training is doing well!


Li lao shi and Miss Kelly, the two beauties that made my work experience golden. (:



My red hot company for the day!


The girl on the left is Yogashree!


Meet YiXuan, a fun and outgoing girl blehh 😀


Meher is the super gorgeous lady in the middle!


We had the welcome dinner tgt with YiXuan and Joann (:


My first 2 days of orientation with ALINAA. She eased the first awkwardness of orientation for me, grateful hehe!


Lightning demanding for bellyrubs

I finally had a stayover..!! First time in 19 years with the sweetest girl Nadine. I had a great time with her and her sister.. as well as her two dogs. But I secretly favour Lightning, maybe because he slept with me that night. When I awoke in the morning the bed was covered in fur hahha!!20160718_1504460_28037124723_o20160718_150446_28036400014_o

What a coincidence yeah!? Met E-Shin at Farrer Park while I was on my way to LG Service centre. It was a great catchup ((:


In a blink of an eye my school is starting in less than a month. I think working in a pre-school really helped me pass time meaningfully and happily. Not once did I truly feel like I wasted a day at work. Being a pre-school teacher taught me a lot. I learnt how important parent-child communication was, how my actions could influence a child, how to speak to a child, what makes children interested and happy, I learnt new songs and I learnt about myself. I learnt how my impatience could cause stressed and saw that I have lesser patience that I thought I had. I learnt that I cannot tolerate mess and I like things to be orderly. I am going to pack my room haha.

I am going to have my last 2 weeks of break from work and school soon. During that time I want to read and learn. I want to read more about my industry, I want to read about dogs. I want to learn more about cultures, learn cantonese and maybe italian hehe. I secretely want to know Japanese too.
I will go to museums and I will draw and sketch and take lots of photos.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that I could study biology but I am not sure how I can put my knowledge into good use. I am incredibly inspired by Da Vinci because he was truly a Mr Know-It-All. I wonder if in this time and age, am I able to be like him? I want to be an advocate of lifelong learning but is it practical to learn biology and design together? Will my desire to learn biology stop when I start school? I guess only time would tell.



My little elephant POC Loh! 


26-06-16 BingBong First Grooming ^^


It was a talent show we watched!!


20160629_170842_27444894874_o copy

Our Bear House! I am pretty proud of it actually, despite how shabby it looks.