Listening to: Secret Love Song

I just finished the books To all the boys I loved before and Ps I still love you by Jenny Han. It is almost like a shortened K drama in a book!! Was truly a page turner and entertaining. I particularly love how the relationship between Peter and Lara Jean is so.. real. Unlike fairytales. I feel rather empty now that I finished the books and I am praying for a director to turn it into a book.. or I can just watch a K drama hahaha!

Today I checked my e mail and found out my scholarship application has been rejected. I feel like I understand, but a large part of me feels like if I hadnt tried then I wouldnt be rejected. It hurts my confidence level. Nonetheless I will try again if I think I should after my year 1.
Perhaps it is because of my lack of understanding in the field now. I want to work really hard and be good to my parents.
I fantasize about getting them a new car, a new house, a new life that doesnt need them to be at the beck and call of their bosses.