I am typing on my phone today, while the kids are sleeping hehe. I really wanted to do a little drawing but I couldnt find the papers today.

I just had my long anticipated beehoon soup. Was truly excited about it since I found out that its Beehoon soup on Wednesday!

I have been thinking a lot and I ended up with a bunch of questions that I cannot answer.  Especially about the book I just finished reading the book Never Tell by Katherine Mccall. She was a victim of incest rape by her father. This book was does not fully recount her experience, but it recounts how she dealt with the experience as she grew to become an adult, a mom and eventually a grandmother.

As I read the book I constantly questioned myself.
For example I asked myself, what is closure? Is it closure when you forgive? Or when you talked things out? Is it closure when you forget? Or when the person dies?
I tried to draw parallels with my experiences and realized I am not sure of the answer either.
In the book, Katherine met up with her dying father and told him that she forgave him. But I felt that she only found proper closure only when she saw him in the casket. Was forgiveness for the sake of making herself feel better?

How did she managed to feel the strong need for filial piety even though he made her life miserable? If she was truly miserable because of her father, could her treatments be avoided if she simply tried to move on and not contact her father?

Was Mary Anne a counselor? Or a living god to Katherine?

I cannot answer them because I dont fully understand what Katherine has to go through. And when I drew parallels to my situation I realized I would have reacted differently as afterall, I am not her. Do I really need to answer those questions? I dont think so. But I would still ask them anyway.