I am on my couch, leaning on a Tutu kueh cushion. I love how its cute AND comfortable! It is already Monday, my work is starting in 9 hours. I am doing relief for N1 tomorrow, but I am not sure if I will be pushed to another class again hahaa. It always happen whenever I take the N1 class!!

I had a great day today, woke up pretty early and went to Little Elephant’s place for early lunch because hes booking in early today. I had hokkien mee for lunch! It was $4 but the portion was really big! and yes you guessed it, I finished it alll. I had dinner with Little Elephant’s family at Hup Choon Eating house(Binjal Park there!) The dishes there were delectable and we gobbled EVERY bit of it. Ugh thinking of the all food makes me hungry ): I wanna eat. I eat better food when I am outside than when I am home, sometimes the food at home looks so unappetizing that I eat just for the sake of energy.

I also watched Angry Bird today! A little disappointed because while I appreciated the animation, the plot was a little confusing at first and only picked up towards the end of the movie. For example, I didn’t understand why Red’s actions could count as anger. He was sometimes simply pessimistic, sour and rude but his actions didn’t always feel like anger to me. Perhaps it is to mimic the realistic human nature. After all, if he was truly angry in all that he does he would be the same character Anger from Inside Out. Nonetheless, the characters were pretty cute and relatable. It is still a fun movie to enjoy with your friends tho!!

While I am typing I am looking at Bing Bong pacing around her play pen. I knew she needed to pee and quickly placed her inside the play pen to pee. She did and now she’s looking for a way out hehe.
I think her floppy ears, gorgeous eyes and her furry body makes it irresistible to stroke her!