I had a very sweet birthday celebration one day before my birthday. Little Elephant surprised me with my closest friends from JC and Secondary school. I was so glad it was just a cozy group of friends he invited. It turned out to be a triple date!! Feeling very blessed that both Nadine and Adela can get along well with each other. We had nice chat over pizza and finger food from Dominos and KFC, followed by a trip to LASALLE’s Show 2016. I promised to take photos the second time I went and I did! They are down below (: I had to leave them early because I was going to meet my mum for dinner. I still feel bad about it ): Nonetheless that day was absolutely fun-filled and enjoyable. My friends pampered me with gifts that are meaningful. It put me to shame because I didn’t even wish Adela happy birthday. It taught me to appreciate her better because she has shown me that despite not being the most thoughtful friend she still continues to treat me like her beloved.


img_20160529_164707_26739388953_oOn the contrary, my birthday (the following day) was awful.  I had life liberation event in the morning, together with my mum and my little sis. My dad sent us to Sembawang SAF Yatch Club. However there was a portion of the club’s carpark that was cordoned off, hence there was a lack of parking space and my dad said to call him once we are done.. AKA hes not joining us. When we ended, we joined him and realized my dad was in a terrible mood and it affected us all. Not only was he grumpy, he was unreasonably rude to my mum and drove recklessly. It scared me shitless. I was telling Little Elephant to come and get me quickly. I wanted to remind him to be extra careful when he crossed the roads because there are pea-brained people with bad temper on the roads. Thankfully we went home safely and my dinner went great with Little Elephant’s family in the evening.

This incident triggered me to think more deeply about marriages. I am reading a book, Never Tell by Catherine Mccall. She recounted on her marriage experience with a previously loving husband and how it deteriorated over time. It drew parallels to what I hear from my mum and grandma. The more I think about it the more I fear relationships because after all, happy endings are a myth.

I’ll leave you with some shots of the exhibition pieces and my artworks!


IMG_0793IMG_0779IMG_0762IMG_0800Incense paperIMG_0783IMG_0767IMG_0768b&wIMG_0763IMG_0757


It’s not that I dont like my glasses. Its the reflection of the glasses that irks me.



Day 12 Typography