Listening to: An anime playing in the background :/

My day:
Little Elephant and I went to USS for the third time after purchasing our seasonal pass. It was a rather spontaneous decision because we could not really decide on how to spend our day today.
First we brought Baileys to groom. She was so terrified of the groomers she scratched the living crap out of us TT Her nails were the sharpest today. Then we made our way to Harbourfront and walked to Sentosa! The sun was mercilessly blasting at us all today. Thank goodness I left house with my face protected by sunscreen.

We didn’t spend a long time at USS, nor did we take many rides. It was really rowdy at USS today. However it felt good to be dating in a different atmosphere! Our first ride was the Transformers ride. It is an amazing ride, though we mostly took it because there was air-conditioning in the waiting area. If you are coming to USS you shouldn’t give it a miss either!

My thoughts:
Today I was rude to my mum. It was not her fault but I bullied her because I knew she wouldn’t scold me for being rude. I wouldnt have spoken to my dad in the same manner. I apologized to her before she slept through a Whatsapp message. She told me she will not be angry when we scold her because to her, it is karma. Her children are treating her badly because she treated her mum badly. I think to a small extent it is true, after all what goes around comes back around. But I think I treated her this way because I am a terrible daughter, not her. Her forgiving nature only makes me more guilty and determined to treat her better. I will learn from her to forgive and still be happy when people are mean to you. The best revenge is to smile and move on.