Listening to : Remember Me  – July

My day:
I went out with Nadineee!! Woohoo! I was looking forward to today for the past week. We went shopping at Bugis. I managed to find a nice skirt for myself as well as a comfy cotton crop top (thats 3 Cs). Most importantly I found myself great company.
We then attended the Lasalle Exhibition 2016 together. We met Nadine’s cousin Natasha. Shes a diploma graduate from Lasalle Fashion Studies. We admired her work together with her church friends. I was intimidated because they were strangers to me. However Natasha played great host to us and Nadine was with me all the way. I managed to see works of the graduates from Fashion, Design Comm, Product Design and Interior Design. I had fun looking at the works they produced and it was a good opportunity to see the standards of the diploma students of Design Comm. I came across a publication that impressed me. It was truly a page turner because every single page was interactive. It had a clever mixture of paper craft and intricate designs…and it is also the only book with every page flipped and seen by me haha. It certainly put me to shame!  I think I will go back to Lasalle to appreciate these works again and maybe snap some photos! I would like to take a better look at the works of the degree graduates. I noticed the stark difference in the works of a diploma and deg fashion students. But I am sure the differences was results of more experience and time.

Regret not bringing my camera with me ): the photos taken with Nadine was blurr….TT will bring it to Lasalle to take better photos 😛

My thoughts:
This evening I boarded a train with the evening crowd. It wasnt sardine-packed but there werent many seats. When people got off at Newton, the passenger seating in front of me left and I was standing before an empty seat but I didnt feel like sitting. The Indian man beside me took the seat. However before he did, he gave a hand gesture to ask if I wanted to sit instead. Shortly after, another Indian man offered his seat to me with a hand gestures. These acts of kindness are what gives people faith in humanity.

I always believe what goes around comes back around. Perhaps this happened because I was kind to a cleaning uncle at the place I was dining in just now! I returned my tray and spoke kindly to him. Before I left the place he smiled warmly and said “man zhou!” , which is like “Have a nice day!” The smile on this uncle’s face is etched into my heart and a motivation to always be a good-hearted person. These smiles cannot be bought for money.img-20160524-wa0012_26652108974_o

This blur photo doesn’t do the day justice.