Listening to: I have loved you a thousand years by Michael Whalen

Feeling a need to retreat alone.

I am typing this while on my bed, wrapped in 2 blankies because my sister decided that it was a good idea to use the aircon despite the pouring midnight rain.

I left my bed to get my headphones and saw Bing Bong sniffing the wheelchair in my corridor. It was an odd place for her to be. Hence I carried her away and when I lifted her, I felt a drop of liquid on my hand! She must have peed somewhere. :O For a moment I was worried she might have peed on the floor again.. But I looked a little further and noticed pee on the pee pad! Praised my adorable Bing Bong and gave her a dog biscuit. She takes a century to finish a treat :/ Owing it to her lack of teeth.

Anyways..I have to be awake early tomorrow because I have to give tuition in the morning. Hehe. Shall continue typing when I wake up mmm..