I return with a sweet post about Little Elephant. For the entire week he planned a nice night out for us both so that we could spend his book out time more wisely. We had nice dinner alongside the Singapore River at Clarke Quay and took a nice walk around. He planned for ice cream after dinner but our bellies were filled to the brim with smoked chicken Hawaiian pizza and an awfully sweet Lychee Fizz. Very touched for the romantic night we spent together. I remember wanting to wear my new flats to season it, and it caused a ton of pain to my feet..duh! Thats when Little Elephant kneeled before me and placed… band-aid on my feet hehe. Here are some photos we took! His new camera makes my face look significantly brighter 😛

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Also these are my Day 8 and 9 Work (: img_20160516_215637_27050990765_o (1)20160516_100051_26766829460_o_26946868912_o