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Greetings + Introduction
Hello world! I am typing away while Baileys-sitting in Little Elephant’s house. Little Elephant is my sweetheart Adrian. I prefer to call him Little Elephant online because its my form of endearment. Baileys is Adrian’s family Toy Poodle. (: She’s very adorable and sweet. You can see her photos down below!

Whats-up Today?
Today is a busy day, I will be Baileys-sitting in the morning followed by a Final Theory Practice in the afternoon. Its going to be my first FT Prac, I have been delaying my driving lessons for far too long. I am a little unprepared but the practice will serve its purpose!

Later in the evening I will be accompanying my sister to bridal gown shopping.  I am also excited for the bridal gown shopping. To consolidate what I learnt online about gown shopping is that the bride-to-be shouldn’t..
1. Try more than 10 gowns
2. Bring more than 2 people
3. Be overly excited about the 70% discounts

I cant wait for later!!


Baileys scrambled onto my lap when I came over this morning


Rare photos of me in glasses. Its not that I dont like myself in glasses, but theres often a purple glare that appears in photos which makes my photos turn out bad ):


Walking this adorable girl (:


Gothic Initials, Typography of 11May2016


Saw this yesterday and I stopped and stared at this beauty for a long while. Nissan GT-R!!!!