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I had a very sweet birthday celebration one day before my birthday. Little Elephant surprised me with my closest friends from JC and Secondary school. I was so glad it was just a cozy group of friends he invited. It turned out to be a triple date!! Feeling very blessed that both Nadine and Adela can get along well with each other. We had nice chat over pizza and finger food from Dominos and KFC, followed by a trip to LASALLE’s Show 2016. I promised to take photos the second time I went and I did! They are down below (: I had to leave them early because I was going to meet my mum for dinner. I still feel bad about it ): Nonetheless that day was absolutely fun-filled and enjoyable. My friends pampered me with gifts that are meaningful. It put me to shame because I didn’t even wish Adela happy birthday. It taught me to appreciate her better because she has shown me that despite not being the most thoughtful friend she still continues to treat me like her beloved.


img_20160529_164707_26739388953_oOn the contrary, my birthday (the following day) was awful.  I had life liberation event in the morning, together with my mum and my little sis. My dad sent us to Sembawang SAF Yatch Club. However there was a portion of the club’s carpark that was cordoned off, hence there was a lack of parking space and my dad said to call him once we are done.. AKA hes not joining us. When we ended, we joined him and realized my dad was in a terrible mood and it affected us all. Not only was he grumpy, he was unreasonably rude to my mum and drove recklessly. It scared me shitless. I was telling Little Elephant to come and get me quickly. I wanted to remind him to be extra careful when he crossed the roads because there are pea-brained people with bad temper on the roads. Thankfully we went home safely and my dinner went great with Little Elephant’s family in the evening.

This incident triggered me to think more deeply about marriages. I am reading a book, Never Tell by Catherine Mccall. She recounted on her marriage experience with a previously loving husband and how it deteriorated over time. It drew parallels to what I hear from my mum and grandma. The more I think about it the more I fear relationships because after all, happy endings are a myth.

I’ll leave you with some shots of the exhibition pieces and my artworks!


IMG_0793IMG_0779IMG_0762IMG_0800Incense paperIMG_0783IMG_0767IMG_0768b&wIMG_0763IMG_0757


It’s not that I dont like my glasses. Its the reflection of the glasses that irks me.



Day 12 Typography





Listening to: Killing em with kindness – Selena Gomez

Typing this while on Bus 67.
I paid $1.60 for this trip…
I need to get used to waking up 2 hours earlier for my childcare job that is starting in a week. This week I will be Baileys-sitting for the next 3 days.

I realized that I have been trying to be more self aware lately. I take special note of my expenses and daily things like.. when I went out with a friend, my period cycle, days I teach tuition (duh!) and Baileys-sitting days. It gives me excitement to have to record and view the records at each end of the month. Except when I am recording my finances cause that means I am spending.. :/

I’ll leave you with my recent typography works. (:

Listening to : Remember Me  – July

My day:
I went out with Nadineee!! Woohoo! I was looking forward to today for the past week. We went shopping at Bugis. I managed to find a nice skirt for myself as well as a comfy cotton crop top (thats 3 Cs). Most importantly I found myself great company.
We then attended the Lasalle Exhibition 2016 together. We met Nadine’s cousin Natasha. Shes a diploma graduate from Lasalle Fashion Studies. We admired her work together with her church friends. I was intimidated because they were strangers to me. However Natasha played great host to us and Nadine was with me all the way. I managed to see works of the graduates from Fashion, Design Comm, Product Design and Interior Design. I had fun looking at the works they produced and it was a good opportunity to see the standards of the diploma students of Design Comm. I came across a publication that impressed me. It was truly a page turner because every single page was interactive. It had a clever mixture of paper craft and intricate designs…and it is also the only book with every page flipped and seen by me haha. It certainly put me to shame!  I think I will go back to Lasalle to appreciate these works again and maybe snap some photos! I would like to take a better look at the works of the degree graduates. I noticed the stark difference in the works of a diploma and deg fashion students. But I am sure the differences was results of more experience and time.

Regret not bringing my camera with me ): the photos taken with Nadine was blurr….TT will bring it to Lasalle to take better photos 😛

My thoughts:
This evening I boarded a train with the evening crowd. It wasnt sardine-packed but there werent many seats. When people got off at Newton, the passenger seating in front of me left and I was standing before an empty seat but I didnt feel like sitting. The Indian man beside me took the seat. However before he did, he gave a hand gesture to ask if I wanted to sit instead. Shortly after, another Indian man offered his seat to me with a hand gestures. These acts of kindness are what gives people faith in humanity.

I always believe what goes around comes back around. Perhaps this happened because I was kind to a cleaning uncle at the place I was dining in just now! I returned my tray and spoke kindly to him. Before I left the place he smiled warmly and said “man zhou!” , which is like “Have a nice day!” The smile on this uncle’s face is etched into my heart and a motivation to always be a good-hearted person. These smiles cannot be bought for money.img-20160524-wa0012_26652108974_o

This blur photo doesn’t do the day justice.

Listening to: An anime playing in the background :/

My day:
Little Elephant and I went to USS for the third time after purchasing our seasonal pass. It was a rather spontaneous decision because we could not really decide on how to spend our day today.
First we brought Baileys to groom. She was so terrified of the groomers she scratched the living crap out of us TT Her nails were the sharpest today. Then we made our way to Harbourfront and walked to Sentosa! The sun was mercilessly blasting at us all today. Thank goodness I left house with my face protected by sunscreen.

We didn’t spend a long time at USS, nor did we take many rides. It was really rowdy at USS today. However it felt good to be dating in a different atmosphere! Our first ride was the Transformers ride. It is an amazing ride, though we mostly took it because there was air-conditioning in the waiting area. If you are coming to USS you shouldn’t give it a miss either!

My thoughts:
Today I was rude to my mum. It was not her fault but I bullied her because I knew she wouldn’t scold me for being rude. I wouldnt have spoken to my dad in the same manner. I apologized to her before she slept through a Whatsapp message. She told me she will not be angry when we scold her because to her, it is karma. Her children are treating her badly because she treated her mum badly. I think to a small extent it is true, after all what goes around comes back around. But I think I treated her this way because I am a terrible daughter, not her. Her forgiving nature only makes me more guilty and determined to treat her better. I will learn from her to forgive and still be happy when people are mean to you. The best revenge is to smile and move on.


Listening to: I have loved you a thousand years by Michael Whalen

Feeling a need to retreat alone.

I am typing this while on my bed, wrapped in 2 blankies because my sister decided that it was a good idea to use the aircon despite the pouring midnight rain.

I left my bed to get my headphones and saw Bing Bong sniffing the wheelchair in my corridor. It was an odd place for her to be. Hence I carried her away and when I lifted her, I felt a drop of liquid on my hand! She must have peed somewhere. :O For a moment I was worried she might have peed on the floor again.. But I looked a little further and noticed pee on the pee pad! Praised my adorable Bing Bong and gave her a dog biscuit. She takes a century to finish a treat :/ Owing it to her lack of teeth.

Anyways..I have to be awake early tomorrow because I have to give tuition in the morning. Hehe. Shall continue typing when I wake up mmm..

I return with a sweet post about Little Elephant. For the entire week he planned a nice night out for us both so that we could spend his book out time more wisely. We had nice dinner alongside the Singapore River at Clarke Quay and took a nice walk around. He planned for ice cream after dinner but our bellies were filled to the brim with smoked chicken Hawaiian pizza and an awfully sweet Lychee Fizz. Very touched for the romantic night we spent together. I remember wanting to wear my new flats to season it, and it caused a ton of pain to my feet..duh! Thats when Little Elephant kneeled before me and placed… band-aid on my feet hehe. Here are some photos we took! His new camera makes my face look significantly brighter 😛

27037994276_0717c82dbe_b26467422313_81cbd1a29c_h26467422203_d206a6b22b_h26467421603_d2d88a1e0e_b26467421423_1cf851ab45_bHappy 3 Faces

Also these are my Day 8 and 9 Work (: img_20160516_215637_27050990765_o (1)20160516_100051_26766829460_o_26946868912_o

Where am I?
I am on the bus! On the way back from Hillview. Just sent Nadine to work after very yummy brekkie this morning. I missed her so much.

Talking to her opened my mind about my concerns. She made me feel better about myself. Even though I wanted to study science to be a teacher, I don’t want to be teaching the same thing for 20 years without learning new things, no matter how fufilling the job is. As a designer I am always learning. I had known this at the back of my mind from the beginning but to hear someone else say comforts me.

Nonetheless a part of me cannot bear the thought of not studying in NTU Science even though I could have. Did I truly make the decision to study design because I was being brave or because I wasnt confident enough? I think only  time will tell as I start my course in August.