It's not always fairytales and happy endings

Hello! I am Fangling, a 19 year-old student from Singapore. I have decided to keep a new blog of my own to help me keep track of my daily adventures and reflection.. and also because my Tumblr was way too messy to read and I want to start something new.

Heres 10 Timeless Facts about me! Here goes…

10 Facts about me:

  1. I like Yellow because its happy, and Pink because its pretty.
  2. I want a Nissan GT-R! My heart beats a little faster when I see one drive past me.
  3. I have naturally brown hair since I was a kid (that is going to turn white early)
  4. My pet Maltese’s name is Bing Bong.
  5. I am a Gemini… and a firm believer of horoscopes.
  6. I enjoy stalking girls on their Instagram while secretly admiring their beauty.
  7. Tea over coffee anytime.
  8. I am an introvert; I need my alone time and space every single day, with some good music.
  9. I have little friends but each of my friends are golden.
  10. I am a creative problem solver. But sometimes my solutions become overly absurd and it creates even more problems!!

Are blogs too wordy?
Catch snippets of my adventures on my Instagram@HappyFangling

Also, I am doing a typography a day now at Happiness-In-Pixels to improve my typography. If you fancy seeing a typography post on your Insta feed each day, follow me at my ArtsyInstagram@HappinessInPixels

From pencil drawings, brush scripting, branding to illustrations. I love to learn new things and gain exposure, you can view my work(in pixels!) on my Online Portfolio.